The Lands Beyond.

200 years ago the Breech Wars ended, only to have the world sealed off by the great barrier. Without divine powers, the world was slowly dying. Until now when the Heroes of the breech opened the barrier, and sealed the breech.

The world is still in chaos, as the undead of taken over most of the old empirior, and have developed the power to destroy whole cities. The Abarriation Lords still plague the lands, and have recently destroyed what was left of the elven empire. Will the great heroes’ of the Barrier effort be in vain?

This next campaign will start out in the city of Shaleport. Shaleport was one of the Freecities, the last to fall to the Undead, or Aborriation lords. You will start out at level 1. The following classes are banned until higher level. Cleric, Wizard, Psions(tier 1s). Tier 3 is encouraged.(google it). Classes have been changed a bit to encourage balance. See my section on character creation for some house rules.

You will start off playing one(or possibly) two PCs during your sessions, giving you the oppertunity to create a unique backstory, and develope your character. I DO PLAY FAVORITES. Meaning the more you do with your character, the more it entertains me, the more I will create oppertunities to highlight your character(since I want to be entertained).

The Lands Beyond

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