The Lands Beyond

Session 2a: Lets piss of more people


Side Session Notes (Carson and Dan)
  • Took on a task for Brendeth, capturing Samon Talii’s son.
  • After the noble’s wagon ‘broke down’, let him get on a horse and start riding off.
  • Dan, attacked a horse to knock off the kid.
  • Killed, and looted two mercanaries.
Individual Character Notes
  • Dan always interested in the old Gods, and nature may be feeling some remorse in attacking a horse(lethal damage), with a great sword… Will his newly emurging powers cease to exist(they did at least once, healing his wounds).
  • Carson manages to get the kid to the drop off point without killing him. Uses color spray to some good effect….in front of someone who works for Brenthel… do’h).
  • Game Notes
    512 gold
    half-plate(magical, with a brand)
    masterword club
    nice longsword
    wooden shield
    2 vials

Good job playing and trying things, even if they didn’t work(Zombies nooooo). Also good job adjusting to my set of rules, it’s tough playing with a different set of people, than learning how a new DM acts. Be aware that certain skills can help you find things to do.. Gather Info…



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