The Lands Beyond

Session 2b: Umm... loot the bodies?

Side Session Notes (Will, Tom and Jess)

  • Wisym, a follower of Kalar provides a bit of information concerning the Village of the Mist.
  • Gnarltooth gnoll, Chur, excapes with a weapon of Kalar.
  • Gods returning? Weapon of Kalar backfired on a Gnoll.

Individual Character Notes

  • Millorian is given the task to recover a blessed bow of Kalar. After he completes this task, he is to seek out Wisym in the Village of the Mist.
  • Alastare recieved an arcane mark from the Arcane Brotherhood
  • Cat enjoyed her clam chowder at the Broken Bow
    h5. Game Notes
    1600 exps
    7 battleaxes, shortbows, 84 arrows.
    50 gold, gem.
    1 vials

Great job in combat. Good job playing with each others strenghts, and adjusting strategies without talking OOC. Be ready to act when it’s your turn. I don’t mind having tech. issues, but you should know if your going into melee, running away, firing an arrow.. etc when it’s your turn.


purplegater purplegater

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