The Lands Beyond

Session 3: Turtle Attack!

Main Plot Points
  • Lady Elsbury is up to no good.
  • Rumor surface concerning the old gods. Divine magic seems to be resurfacing.
  • Scraps reveal some guy named Tar.
  • Some weird apperation is appearing on Ashen and seems to have some controle of them.
  • Turmol between party members as friends are killed, and changed into Ashen, forcing the party to destroy them. Peace has been made, for now.
Individual Plot Points
  • Draden’s company gets demolished, he recieves the blame and is forced to walk out of the guard. He latter has to confront his companians when they are turned into Ashen.
  • Cat see’s shifters from her destroyed village as transformed Ashen.
  • Grael has restless sleep, seemingly over regreat over attacking a horse. He feels that his divinety is reastablished after being blessed by Millorian. Also got to play with a kitty.
  • Alastare has a bladder problem.
  • Dominic is assigned to check up on Lady Elsbury, and has been told to get rid of Brendthal.
  • Millorian almost killed a rat.

Player Notes
Exp points 1810 for all players active during the session
Most treasure divided during the session however,
4 vials and 6 flasks put into party loot.
+1 Skill point to selected PCs
Great job creating party tension with the deathes of NPCs. I was worried that things would carry over to OOC, but everyone played it well. Created an extra dimension with PCs melting down over tragic evens. Also good job with with tactics, and trying to aviod metagaming. A sentence or two is fine in battle(free action).

Next session i’ll try to incorporate cover and concellment a bit more. In general if an object is blocking you that is cover, which adds to AC, while concellment is not being able to see someone, so if you are blind, an enemey is invisiable or hinding in shadows, or there is a heavy fog…..

Next game TBA, no side sessions this week.



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