The Lands Beyond

Session 4: It's a Trap!!!!

  • Main Plot Points
  • Killed Lady Elsberry.
  • Ashen Shifters were nasty… seemed to be directed, or at least not as stupid(avoided trap).
  • Ghostly Visage that was seen by Draden, also seen at Elmscreek, and on a sarcophagus.
  • Tiamat, and Tar symbols discovered in crypts with Lady Elsberry.

Individual Plot Points

  • Alastare Elmscreek was under attack, tracked ghostly visage to crypts. After the exhausting battle, went to the Broken Bow, were he previously seen with known fellons. He is being arrested.
  • Cat lead Alastare the Broken Bow, arrested on site with Alastare.
  • Dradan almost lost his life to the Ashen during the battle in the Necrolare, unfortunetly he did lose his sight.
  • Dominic looking for answers from Samantha.
  • Grael lost his life trying to kill Lady Elsberry in a firetrap.

Exp points 1710 for all players active during the session



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