The Lands Beyond

Session I: The eclipse

Game notes
-Weird ass magic.
-Undead in crypt killed… by William?
-Assassins vs. thieves guild. Samantha house is seiged by greycloaks, and she sets up shop at the Rusty Ax. She will talk to superiors and come up with some answers to these new magical phenomena.

-Where did undead come from?

Individual plot points

  • Yaeger somehow convinces guards that they were mistaken, and Kyle was the one who unleashed magic. He turns down offer from the Ansatsusha, who are being taken over, or have been taken over by the greycloaks. Also screwed over Vensi. He is charged will baby sitting Will and Dan until Samantha can figuare out what’s going on.
  • Will is found in a crypt unconscious, surrounded by burnt zombies. Is a little defensive, and not apprehensive about seeking help.
  • Dan starts to freak out, healing himself, and becomes familiar with his gods symbol. Brendthal confronts him in the Salty Dog, and demands gold/serves for his silence.
  • Jon chooses trial by combat, which expunges all charges. However his superiors are not amused by his actions, busting him in rank. Take make ends meet he works part time as a knight for hire.Shaleport Guard

Player Notes
Disjointed story lines result in different exp totals.

Carson: 900exps
Jon: 900exps
Will: 450exps
Dan: 450exps

GM notes

  • Since Carson is just learning magic, make sure you know how your spells work. In particular what bonuses are being added, and do they stack.
  • Initiative tracker seems to be doing well. Bad guys now can have different initiatives. It takes a little longer than i want to put in initiatives, next session, and during selective side sessions I’ll introduce macros that will automatically put initiative into my tracker, making set up a bit quicker(you’ll roll will result in it being put into the tracker, instead of me copying and pasting each result).

Next Session Saturday night(unless otherwise stated).
Side session for this week include:
1. A mission from Brendthal.
2. What happened to our Druid/Shifter.. and other characters not introduced.
3. Guard duty
4. William figure out what’s going on.
5. Arena Battles
6. Job boards(chk out local guilds for jobs).

I’d like to get William, Dan, and those who did not play in, to flush out their characters a bit more(get them move involved with the plot), and to catch up exp wise. Although it will be for the most part first come first serve, and there is obviously stuff for everyone. Side quest can include 1 or more players.

Side sessions.. I can do for about 1 hr. after I put my son down(around 9). I do need to know a bit in advance, theses sessions wont take me long to put into maptool(some are already), but I do need to plan my day so I get real life taken care of.

As far as exps my general rule is to balance out exps missed from lossed sessions, or bon


Players, feel free to edit this post, in particular your individual plot point(s). If you wish to create a more in-depth account of the session, just create your one wiki page, and link it.

Session I: The eclipse
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