Draden Sundorn

Meat Shield


Height : 6’1"
Size: Medium
Age: Mid 20’s
Weight: 196lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long;Brown
Facial hair: Neatly trimmed full beard; Brown

Personality : Honorable fighter, no man left behind.

Several years ago Draden became a squire under a northern knight. There he learned the virtues of honor and combat. As some time progressed he mastered the art of defense and rudimentary offensive tactics. Eventually the knight he squired was stricken down in a battle against the undead. The lord requiring more knights decided to bring Draden to knighthood to fight his battles. Several weeks later the lord set out a campaign against Ashenport, the source of the undead plight. Several armies were to merge as one to end this problem. Several days travel from Ashenport his encampment was taken by surprise during the dead of the night slaughtering nearly every one, including the lord. From that day that lords army was disbanded, his lands over-ran. Draden with no where else to go went to Shaleport an became part of the guard….

Draden Sundorn

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