Tordak Bloodaxe



Class : Warblade
Race: Dwarf
Align : CN
Weight: 242 Lbs
Height: 5’ 4"

Tordok’s Log, Tavern

Bah, seems them bloody basterd elves, gnomes… bah just the whole lot of them didn’t show up at the battle with them deaders. Though the humans were caught off guard an struck down before they could get ta us… Seems after the battle there, them basterds decided not to finish me off an drug me off to some building. Fortunately for me some humans came an cut me loose there an was able to release some stress on some deaders. Also seems they kept me family armor which cant see why them basterds would do such, but works for me. Hmpf, wonder who that old man was that ran into us… Bah, probably nobody important. Though also curious as too why one of these damn humans keeps rambling on about some orc and elf, Bah dont see why any one would care. Either way i found a few things at that house they kept me held up in… after a couple drinks i will go get them looked at.


Tordak Bloodaxe

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