Clerics learn 1 spells per level(plus domain spells). In addition they may add spells to their spell book. They may only have 2 spells added this way. Each spell added costs the cleric 10% of the experience he needs to level(may not lose a level, but can go below his current level). She may have 2spells per character level added in her spell book. (ex. 2nd level cleric with 1000 exps, needs 2000(for a total of 3000 exps) to get to level 3. She found two scrolls that she wishes to put into her spell book. It costs her 400(200×2) exps to put them in. She is now at 600exps(still 2nd level). 1/day per level of spell is also required to write the spell into your spell book. Otherwise standard rules apply for copying spells into your spellbook(skill ck 15+lv).., cost etc.

Clerics also get 1d6 hp
Medium Armor and shields(no Tower)
Simple Weapon + Gods chosen weapon(s)

ACF: full armor/d8hp for only access to domain spells(including ones not selected by the character)

Note: A failed attempt to put a spell into your spellbook does not cost exp.


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