Shaleport Guard



The recruit is the rank given to all trainees! Bottom of the barrel, if you may. As a recruit, you will not only be expected to follow the commands of your superior but often also the whims of insufferable superiors. When asked to identify yourself, you will add the recruit rank before your name. A recruit is expected to perform all the duties of a town guard without the authority of actually being one.

To progress, you must show initiative. After your first 6 monthes you will be given a specific test. Your performance in these tests will decide your future with the town guard.


Town guard

Upon successful completion your test, the recruit will achieve the rank of the town guard. This is the most commonly seen rank, besides a recruit. At this rank you represent your garrison and your commander. You may also give out orders to the ones ranked below you. As a town guard, you are enthusiastic about maintaining the peace in the town and are quick to step in when needed. You are town’s first line of defence and as such are expected to defend it till help arrives. A town guard is assigned to a garrison of a particular town.



This is a special rank that is earned by those who have shown exceptional qualities as a town guard. A corporal is respected amongst the regiment and is considered to be a junior officer. Besides the normal duty of a town guard, a corporal takes on additional duties such as recruitment to the town guards and overseeing the logistics of running a garrison. A corporal is assigned to a particular town, but it is not uncommon for them to visit other cities.



The sergeant is a ranking officer of the town guard who is a veteran town guard or corporal that has shown leadership qualities. As a sergeant, you report directly to the captain of the town guard. The sergeant also acts as a leader of a garrison.


The captain of the town guard is the highest rank that can be achieved in Shaleport. A captain is a veteran officer who has won the respect of the town guard by showing exceptional courage and leadership in the past. He or she is considered reliable beyond a shadow of the doubt and is passionate about his duties.

The Captain of the town guard reports directly to Commander Belanna.

Shaleport Guard

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