Unseen Shadow

The thieves’ guild Shaleport.


The Recruit will never see the Boss’ face nor will they know their name.
They do not have jobs within the Guild and will not until they prove themselves worthy.
[Trial member. You need to work with the guild and the members
and stick around for 2 weeks before advancing.]


A Recruit advances to Footpad – they are allowed to take on jobs with other
fledglings but are still not permitted to know or speak of the Boss.
[Junior member. They have full membership benefits but are not given solo jobs.]


The Footpad advances to a Thief when they have proven themselves capable to lead
and perform jobs on their own. They also have the responsibility of choosing a
Footpad or Recruit of their own to teach them the ways of the Guild. The Thieves
have minimal contact with the Underboss and the Boss but know the names.
[An accomplished member who has proven themselves to us.
They can lead jobs and have Recruit/Footpad apprentices.]


Shadowfeet are the Master Thieves right hands – they perform the duties that their
Masters request and they do it with a deadly efficiency. A Lieutenant is directly under
the Captain’s control but are still subject to knowing who the Underboss and the Boss are.
[Lieutenants are chosen by the Captains as lesser Officers to help with the Captain’s given job.

Master Thief

Master Thieves work directly with the Underboss and the Boss to ensure that jobs are done efficiently.
Each has a specialized field of work and will have direct contact with the leaders.


The Underboss, is the right hand of the Boss. They will take care of any special jobs the Boss needs done and will act in his/her stead in the event that the Boss will not be around.
[The Underboss is the co-leader of the guild. They are left in charge when the leader is not there at the time.]


The Guildmaster is the leader of the Guild. They will assign jobs and charge the members of
the guild with tasks that otherwise would not occur in a job.
Remember, you speak for the Boss.. and they do not like to be shamed.

Unseen Shadow

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