The Lands Beyond

Session 4a: Temple Raid

**Main plot points

  • Followers of Tiamat seized Lord Vensi’s house. Have some sort of connection to Ashen.
  • A follower of Tamora, Rachid destroys some undead, and confronts a halfling, allowing the party to excape.
  • Solders lead by the Knights of the Deathless Dragon are interagating townspeople. Taking anyone who seems the least bit suspicious. The body tithe has risen.

Player Notes

  • Dominic recieves a vision. He has been temporarially promoted by Edbert, in lue of Samatha’s absence.
  • Tordex Bloodax is captured by the Knights of the Deathless Dragon, and somehow ends up in the Vensi manor. The party releases him. He is saved by a mercanary, Praurs. Rachid slips a neckless into his pocket.
    Milloran is spotted Vella, entering the Vensi manor. Finds out that Wisym has been taken prisoner.

OOC notes
500 exps(1000 total for the 2 side sessions.
Tordak Bloodaxe got 30 gold, a ring, a bit of a alchemist lab, a circlet, and 3 vials.


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