The Lands Beyond

Session 5: You again???

**Main plot points

  • Knights of the Deathless Dragon(aka the blackguard), come to the bar looking bodies and trouble, unfortunetly they find it in Mel , who has had enough of these undead dragon loving bastards. Altough one knight excapes, Rezah.
  • Vella pops up during the bar fight, taking the neckless that {Tor took from the mansion.
  • Wisym is freed by the adventures
  • Grial and Lady Elsberry reappear in the crypts as undead zombies. Lady Elsberry is appearently being controled by some sort of apparition.
  • A black ball of energy is put out by Millorian

**Player Notes

  • Cathera Panthera Is taken by the snatchers, and is defeated by Grizzle in the Bar pit, but is saved by Millorian, and a raid by the Ashen.
  • Millorian learns the Gnarl left an ancent bow of Kalar in the crypts, and recovers it.
  • D.Q. Watches his masters get slain by Grizzle, a bad ass ogre who likes turkey legs. Without a job, and in the middle of a shitstorm, he travels with the party, and helps rescue slaves, and joins them as they enter the crypts.
  • Dominic Morgan unravels the ruins in the crypt, and Millorian then figures out the dawnbringer’s riddle.

OOC notes
2160 exps for Jes(didn’t write down the exact amounts for everyone, but Jon, Carson and Will got around 3500, while Dan got about 2300exps). Not sure about treasure as well, as some loot was taken off various npcs, but Jon wrote it down i believe.


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