character creation

Ability Scores:
Point System(heroic, 42pts), standard pt. buy(pg 169DMG)
  • 9 1pts
  • 10 2pts
  • 11 3pts
  • 12 4pts
  • 13 5pts
  • 14 6pts
  • 15 8pts
  • 16 10pts
  • 17 13pts
  • 18 16pts
No perferred class/multiclass penalties.
All race skills(skills the race gets a bonus on) are considered class skills

Races are those in the players handbook. Send me requests for other races.


I don’t want to ban any classes, however I encourage tier III classes.
Base classes have been upgraded, including more options, feat revisions, better BA..etc
Talk with me since there are a lot of varients, say you want to play a ranged rogue with some training in the sublime way. We’ll make it fit your concept as long as it’s fair.

an example(using Tomb of Battle like upgrade)
ranger = Ranger

Modified Classes(so far)

In general I do not like multiclassing, however I will allow this mixture of classes. If you do decide to multiclass you better have a reason, and have it be part of your character. ‘Dips’ are not allowed, and most likely end with the lost of powers. PRCs may not be entered into until 6th level(5lvs baseclass, than PRC, if you meet the prewrecs.).

character creation

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